Webit.Festival Advisory Board

The Webit.Festival Europe Advisory board is co-chaired by Yossi Vardi and Plamen Russev.

Dr. Joseph (Yossi) Vardi

Co-chairman of Webit

With 40 years experience of co-founding, leading and participating in building over 80 high-tech companies, he is one of Israel's early entrepreneurs.

Yossi co-pioneered instant messaging as the founding investor and the former Chairman of Mirabilis Ltd., the creator of the highly popular instant messaging program ICQ now owned by AOL.

Plamen Russev

Co-chairman of Webit.Festival Europe.

Plamen is B.Sc in Marketing and Management, M.Sc in Mathematics and Informatics, e-Education, Doctorate with Ph.D thesis Digital Solutions for Managing Health and Social Challenges.

For the past 25 years he has success record in developing business ventures in multicultural and challenging business environments. Investor in tech companies with special interests and experience in Impact Investments in Healthcare, AI, IoT and as well as in eSports, VR and Real Estates. Sitting on the board of a number of companies in different locations around the world. Founder and Executive Chairman of Webit.Foundation and the Global Webit Series. Webit stands for a one of the largest global communities of digerati, academic, policy and enterprise leaders, investors and founders from over 100 countries. Webit also hosts events (5 annually in Sofia, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore and New Delhi) attended by several thousand to 15 000 business people, academia leaders and policy makers from all around the world.