Webit Night Urban Summit

The meetups are networking events for people to gather, share and explore each other's interest in a particular topic. Everyone could join the free discussion, drinks with friends and colleagues. Bring your people to the meetups you like the most, take pictures and share them with #webit we can collect your smiles!

It starts when the lights go up
and the night is young!

The beautiful Vitoshka street of Sofia is turning into an Urban Happening Playground for music and art events, flash mobs, meet ups (as you may see and register below) and bar crawling!

The Urban Summit is supported by Sofia Municipality.

The Meetups

Meetup: Art & Tech

Meetup: Fintech

Meetup: The Art of App Engagement

Meetup: Social Tech

Meetup: Mobile Geeks

Meetup: CyBeer

Meetup: Bitcoin

Meetup: Wearable tech

Meetup: Music & Tech

Meetup: Social Innovation with EU

Meetup: Live Today!

Meetup: Marketing for Startups

Meetup: Intl. Entrepreneurs in Sofia

Meetup: Digital Entertainment

Meetup: Think BIG DATA

Meetup: Digital Travel

Meetup: Gamification

Meetup: Smart Urban Transportation

Meetup: Big Data - BIG DECISIONS

Meetup: eSports

Meetup: Start Ups - Start Downs

Meetup: Culinary & Tech

Meetup: Digital health

Meetup: Scalable Realtime DataApps

Meetup: Neuroscience and Life

Meetup: Hacking the Body

Meetup: Robotics Cocktail

Meetup: Are we alone in Universe?

Meetup: Digital Education

Meetup: IoT Cocktail

Meetup: Artificial Intelligence

Meetup: EU meets Middle East

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