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About the Summit

Although not yet distributed to every consumer on the market, the Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies will completely change our everyday life in the next 5-10 years. The screens we know today will start disappearing and in few years will be replaced by glasses and viewers that we will wear.

This will allow us to simulate our presence while being anywhere in the world and will totally change the way we communicate in our business and personal life. According to industry predictions the VR/AR market will reach $108 billion by 2021 and it is only going to grow in the years after that.

The conference is attended by top entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, scientists and enterprise executives from Europe and the rest of the world.


Virtual Reality (VR) Augmented Reality (AR) Applications of VR and AR Automation Future of mixed reality


  • 30% Entrepreneurs
  • 25% Founders
  • 20% Innovators
  • 15% Scientists
  • 10% Enterprise Leaders
  • 84% Europe
  • 9% USA
  • 7% MENA
  • 5% Asia
  • 1% Rest of the World

Some of the previous Speakers include

Mark Val

Founder & CEO, ARX

David Lennon

Global Creative Director, WSJ. Custom Studios

Prof. Shafi Ahmed

Consultant Surgeon & Co-founder, Virtual Medics & Medical Realities

Solomon Rogers

CEO and Founder, REWIND

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Why exhibit?

  • Direct access to entrepreneurs, founders, innovators, members of the academia and enterprise executives from Europe and all over the world
  • Access to some innovators and implementators of VR and AR technologies in various industries
  • Media Coverage
  • 1:1 meetings between AR and VR experts and their potential clients from the business

Attending Companies